Facial Features

In my opinion, the most interesting things to draw/paint. You can’t really go wrong with it, because all eyes, mouths, noses etc look different. I find it the easiest to draw with a mirror. By looking at my own facial features, it helps make the drawings look more realistic.

new 3

Lana Del Rey and Marilyn Monroe.

new 2

Marilyn Monroe‘s hair was the most challenging to copy. Her features are so sharp. Also, it’s difficult to draw celebrities because if they go a little bit wrong, it doesn’t end up looking like them. My Lana Del Rey painting went wrong several times. It still isn’t my strongest but I enjoyed doing it.


Eyes are by far my most favourite facial feature: To take photos of and to draw. It’s a lot more ambitious to try and paint one because of the risk of messing it up.. although I guess that goes for everything. It’s alluring because I’ve always had an interest in drawing eyes. My interpretation has changed a lot.  


Eyes and mouths

Eyes and mouths


Portrait Heaven

DSC04870 danny  UntitledSay hello to Danny O’Donoghue, Marilyn Monroe, Lana Del Rey and Audery Hepburn! I drew these people because they have interesting facial features, and purely because it is so fun to do. Truth is, I’d be lost without my paint brushes and pencils.

lana del