Bold and Gentle.

UntitledThese two paiowlntings are totally random. The owl has such precise feather positions and colours within it. The eyes make the animal look fierce and ambitious when in reality it is just a bird. This contrasts completely with my other painting. This one is much more calm and gentle.  Interestingly they both have similar colours (Black, grey, white); the eyes are the key source of emotion. They’re both birds at the end of the day.




Cartoonizing fun!

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These are photographs of my baby sister from about one year ago. It was at my Uncle’s engagement party last June. Wow time goes quick! Has immense fun with the family, I love family gatherings. From what I comprehend, most teenage girls hate it. I don’t understand.. how can you hate seeing your family? Anyway, I was browsing through the hundreds of photos that were taken within that week, and came across some adorable photos of my baby sister that I had taken. I wanted someone to draw, a celebrity. I had thinkers block and seemed to have forgotten every celeb I’ve ever liked! Typical. Eventually I came across the idea to draw a family member. In the end I chose my beautiful baby sister. I didn’t draw an accurate drawing, I decided to have some fun and turn her into a cartoon!

PicMonkey Collage