Agnes Cecile I

58effba41a5411e39de022000a1f8db1_7Hello everyone! I apologise for not posting in a few weeks, I have been so busy! However, expect to see regular posts from now on! Recently, started year 11. Of course, at the end of each course for Art GCSE we are required to produce a final piece. I, have chosen the wonderful artist Agnes Cecile as my inspiration. Agnes does water colour portraits of distort. Each and every single piece has a deep meaning and different emotion. To begin with I chose the riveting “In an instant solo” piece. I particular have a fond to this one because it shows two different people, who have clearly different emotions, facing eachother as an act of friendship. It’s almost as if they are willing to forget their past and see a new future.

The bright colours contrasting with the sad colours is a fantastic approach by Agnes. I also did another 2 pieces by her- make sure you visit to see them!

Agnes Cecile’s


Focal Zoom

edit 3 Beautiful weather means time to whip out the camera! I like the rustiness of the swing chain contrasting with the warm, saturated background. I think it sets a really good mood. Don’t get any ideas- I hate spiders! However the formation of a spider’s web is so riveting, I HAD to snap a photo.

We love strolling

edit 8
edit 7Today has been dominated by revision– again! My bestest friend Leah came round and we revised for our mocks together. If you’re into fashion you need to check out her and her sister’s blog now! Anyway, went on a cute walk with my baby sister! We walked down to the park, around the neighbourhood and other places. This weather is so brilliant for cute family time aswell as spending time with friends. Summer is amazing!

Princess of Vogue

Princess of Vogue

Wanted to draw Cara for ages now, so I chose today. I’m doing GCSE art, and I chose to do my final piece with the theme ‘vintage’. I’m going to use Marilyn Monroe, Audery Hepburn, Lana Del Rey and Cara Delevingue as the models. Only because they’re so retro! Also, they have the nicest facial features which make them interesting to draw.

Cartoonizing fun!

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These are photographs of my baby sister from about one year ago. It was at my Uncle’s engagement party last June. Wow time goes quick! Has immense fun with the family, I love family gatherings. From what I comprehend, most teenage girls hate it. I don’t understand.. how can you hate seeing your family? Anyway, I was browsing through the hundreds of photos that were taken within that week, and came across some adorable photos of my baby sister that I had taken. I wanted someone to draw, a celebrity. I had thinkers block and seemed to have forgotten every celeb I’ve ever liked! Typical. Eventually I came across the idea to draw a family member. In the end I chose my beautiful baby sister. I didn’t draw an accurate drawing, I decided to have some fun and turn her into a cartoon!

PicMonkey Collage

Lazy Day

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Took these photos a week ago or so. Whenever I’m free and have nothing to do, I just go out and take photos of nothing. If not that, then I’d draw nothing. Today was such a lazy day, revision completely failed on me as my concentration levels are missing under the Earth’s crust. It’s a beautiful day today! It’s nice to sit in the garden. Half term is over in less than 2 days, the bliss of doing nothing shall soon be over.