Facial Features

In my opinion, the most interesting things to draw/paint. You can’t really go wrong with it, because all eyes, mouths, noses etc look different. I find it the easiest to draw with a mirror. By looking at my own facial features, it helps make the drawings look more realistic.

new 3

Lana Del Rey and Marilyn Monroe.

new 2

Marilyn Monroe‘s hair was the most challenging to copy. Her features are so sharp. Also, it’s difficult to draw celebrities because if they go a little bit wrong, it doesn’t end up looking like them. My Lana Del Rey painting went wrong several times. It still isn’t my strongest but I enjoyed doing it.


Eyes are by far my most favourite facial feature: To take photos of and to draw. It’s a lot more ambitious to try and paint one because of the risk of messing it up.. although I guess that goes for everything. It’s alluring because I’ve always had an interest in drawing eyes. My interpretation has changed a lot.  


Eyes and mouths

Eyes and mouths


Final Piece

After weeks and weeks of thinking and planning I have finally produced my final piece for Art GCSE. It’s my own adaptation of Agnes Cecile’s acrylic painting. She used oil and acrylic while I stuck with just using acrylic on canvas.

final piece

To make the painting a little more 3D I stuck cute little colourful beads on the person’s wild, mad ‘hair’. It adds a nice texture to the painting.



Bold and Gentle.

UntitledThese two paiowlntings are totally random. The owl has such precise feather positions and colours within it. The eyes make the animal look fierce and ambitious when in reality it is just a bird. This contrasts completely with my other painting. This one is much more calm and gentle.  Interestingly they both have similar colours (Black, grey, white); the eyes are the key source of emotion. They’re both birds at the end of the day.



Agnes Cecile III

90e291fcb7f311e2b16122000a1f9e61_7I am loving this weather. It is such an unpopular opinion! Winter over Summer any day. During the winter it rains, snows, windy, foggy, hail, storms. A whole lot more exciting that heatwaves and burning in the sun, in my opinion! The soothing sound of the trickling taps of the rain hitting against the window is so snug. Everybody is a whole lot happier during the winter season too. People get together more. In the summer, it is sometimes dominated by sweaty, mood teenagers (Not a great combination!). The main thing is, you need to make most of your day indoors. Do something creative in your house instead of lazing in front of the TV with a jar of Nutella. Your creativity will only expand as an affect of your actions.

During MY wet rainy days, I paint, and paint, and paint. (Shocker). I attempted another painting by Agnes Cecile. Big Bang of Watercolour. It is my most favourite painting of all time. It is beautifully presented, it makes you think of a thousand different thoughts. The girl looks unhappy, but this contradicts the warm colours. Ever heard the saying “A sad girl can fake a smile“? I think this relates. This painting has such a huge impact, I have chosen to do it for my art final piece. I hope it goes well!

Agnes Cecile II

548fe9261e0411e39a2a22000a1fb02b_7As promised, here is another one of my Agnes Cecile paintings ( Watercolour). I wanted to do another painting which has a sense of depression in it. Of course, there is no doubt about this one. You can see the strain in the girl in the painting’s eyes.  It is extremely deep. The main focus of the painting is the eyes. Your eyes are drawn into her eyes, which is dominating the piece.  It is almost as if you can feel the same pain of the girl when looking into them.  You can see the girl’s right eye travels all around the painting. Slowly, decending into a purply red colour. The reddish pink is almost bloody. The repeating elements of the blue and red help the eye appreciate all the other design principles

I have began to see Agnes Cecile as my most favourite artist. It is so fun and exciting when painting one of her own. The beauty about watercolour is that it does whatever you want it to. It follows the water. The way two bold colours collide into one another through the water is beautiful. 

I dream my painting. I paint my dream.

Agnes Cecile I

58effba41a5411e39de022000a1f8db1_7Hello everyone! I apologise for not posting in a few weeks, I have been so busy! However, expect to see regular posts from now on! Recently, started year 11. Of course, at the end of each course for Art GCSE we are required to produce a final piece. I, have chosen the wonderful artist Agnes Cecile as my inspiration. Agnes does water colour portraits of distort. Each and every single piece has a deep meaning and different emotion. To begin with I chose the riveting “In an instant solo” piece. I particular have a fond to this one because it shows two different people, who have clearly different emotions, facing eachother as an act of friendship. It’s almost as if they are willing to forget their past and see a new future.

The bright colours contrasting with the sad colours is a fantastic approach by Agnes. I also did another 2 pieces by her- make sure you visit to see them!

Agnes Cecile’s