News from Barcelona!

barcabarca 3Sun, sea and sundae’s were the main factors of Barcelona City! It truly was a fantastic holiday. It’s so different to England too, which was why it was so lovely being there. Unlike England, the Spanish people travel from place to place on foot! There isn’t half the traffic you get here in the UK. The pedestrians crossings are absolutely huge, the streets are so alive, the people are so jolly, there is so much to see. For that reason I think, we walked around for two whole days, just around the city. My word, it is so beautiful. My feet were killing me though! Although we spent on day on the Barcelona Bus Touristic, which was a double decker bus with the top open, that drove around half of the city to all the tourist destinations! we only went on one of the buses which is the East of Barcelona, and we still managed to go to 17 destinations! It was fantastic. The lustful, sandy beaches with the view of the crystal clear sea were so relaxing so sit on with the family. Of course, shopping was an amazing part of the trip! We bought a lot of things there, did most of the shopping at a place called La Ramblas. Anyway, the trip didn’t last long as it was only for 5 days. To be honest it felt as if we saw the entire country! Places we visited: La Ramblas, Cataluyna Square, Town, Zoo de Barcelona, Marbella Beach, Villa Olympia, Park Guell, Tibedabo, Sagrada de Familia, Plaza de Espagna, La Pedera and so many more places. I can’t remember them all at the top of my head!

barca 4

April 2013.

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